Optic Armor is a leading manufacturer of motorcycle and automotive racing windshields, laminated safety windshields for the Construction Industry and Forestry Services, Aerospace, mass transit, as well as other heavy duty glazing applications.

Polycarbonate is an optically clear, polished surface, UV stabilized material for use in premium visual applications. Due to its shatter resistance, applications include automotive aftermarket parts, recreational vehicular glazing, military vehicular glazing and laminated security glazing.

Optic Armor coat is a post coating put on polycarbonate or acrylic after it is formed to shape. This coating is highly scratch and chemical resistant and will withstand harsh conditions that un-coated or pre-coated "mar-resistant" polycarbonate can not.

   Highly Scratch & Chemical Resistant
   Can Be Cleaned With Standard Glass Cleaner
   Excellent Water Shedding Capabilities
   The Best In Optical Clarity
   50%-75% Lighter than glass
   Genuine Polycarbonate
   Superior Proprietary Coating

We work with many large manufactures providing solutions to offer polycarbonate windows for many applications.


Our patented process allows us to combine the characteristics of polycarbonate and glass. Because of this, over the past 10 years Optic Armor has earned an impeccable reputation for providing custom formed polycarbonate with unmatched chemical and scratch resistance.


Our team has played a crucial roll in polycarbonate development for prototypes used for the world wide market. We recently worked with GM and Segway to develop a canopy that the material manufacture said could not be done.






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