Optic Armor Performance Windows Optic Armor Performance Windows

Optic Armor Performance Windows Optic Armor Performance Windows

Optic Armor Performance Windows Optic Armor Performance Windows

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Optic Armor offers pre-cut, flexible, flat sheets with our proprietary Optic Armor coating that can used for custom applications, such as street rods and minimum curvature windows. Flat sheets are available in various sizes, thicknesses, and tints.

24X48-2 24x48 1/8IN $151  
24X48-2T 24x48 LITE TINT 1/8IN $178  
24X48-2TDK 24x48 DARK TINT 1/8IN $178  
24X48-3 24x48 3/16IN $195  
24X48-3T 24x48 LITE TINT 3/16IN $221  
24X48-3TDK 24x48 DARK TINT 3/16IN $221  
24X48-4 24x48 1/4IN $238  
24X48-4T 24x48 LITE TINT 1/4IN $265  
24X48-4TDK 24x48 DARK TINT 1/4IN $265  
24X72-2 24X72 1/8IN $248  
24X72-2T 24X72 LITE TINT 1/8IN $280  
24X72-2TDK 24X72 DARK TINT 1/8IN $280  
24X72-3 24x72 3/16IN $270  
24X72-3T 24X72 LITE TINT 3/16IN $308  
24X72-3TDK 24X72 DARK TINT 3/16IN $308  
24X72-4 24X72 1/4IN $313  
24X72-4T 24X72 LITE TINT 1/4IN $340  
24X72-4TDK 24X72 DARK TINT 1/4IN $340  
48X48-2 48x48 1/8IN $268  
48X48-2T 48x48 LITE TINT 1/8IN $313  
48X48-2TDK 48x48 DARK TINT 1/8IN $313  
48X48-3 48x48 3/16in $410  
48X48-3T 48x48 LITE TINT 3/16IN $410  
48X48-3TDK 48x48 DARK TINT 3/16IN $410  
48X48-4 48x48 1/4IN $354  
48X48-4T 48x48 LITE TINT 1/4IN $454  
48X48-4TDK 48x48 DARK TINT 1/4IN $454  
48x72-2 48x72 1/8IN $346  
48X72-2T 48X72 LITE TINT 1/8IN $415  
48X72-2TDK 48X72 DARK TINT 1/8IN $415  
48x72-3 48x72 3/16IN $421  
48X72-3T 48x72 LITE TINT 3/16IN $454  
48X72-3TDK 48X72 DARK TINT 3/16IN $454  
48X72-4 48X72 1/4IN $497  
48X72-4T 48X72 LITE TINT 1/4IN $529  
48X72-4TDK 48X72 DARK TINT 1/4IN $529  

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