Optic Armor Performance Windows Optic Armor Performance Windows

Optic Armor Performance Windows Optic Armor Performance Windows

Optic Armor Performance Windows Optic Armor Performance Windows

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CNC Routing

5 Axis CNC Manufacturing Capabilities

Optic Armor Performance Windows has a wide range of capabilities in high optical quality windows products, specializing in shatter-proof products fabricated from polycarbonate. Optic Armor Performance Windows has quickly gained a reputation for being the leader in this field. We have capability to manufacture optical quality windows products in house from start to finish using the following technologies:

  • 3-axis & 5-axis CNC Routing
  • Thermal Forming (Patented method)
  • Coating Operations (Several Types of Coating Available)
  • Secondary and Finishing Operations
  • Custom packaging Solutions
  • Multi-layered Laminate products

We are able to work with a variety of design software to assist in developing cutting edge parts.


Optic Armor Performance Windows has received our certification of the ISO 9100B:2004 Aerospace Quality Management Standard. This standard is internationally recognized as the highest level of Quality by over 130 countries.

Product Development

Optic Armor Performance Windows specializes in solving problems and meeting customer requirements. We have a strategic continual improvement plan in place, and are striving to make tomorrow's products available today.


Engraved Logo on WindowsOur cnc controlled engraver gives us the ability to provide our customers with their own custom logo on Optic Armor windows


Please contact our knowledgeable sales staff for custom applications or to have your product issued for quoting (573) 317-9066.

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