Optic Armor Performance Windows Optic Armor Performance Windows

Optic Armor Performance Windows Optic Armor Performance Windows

Optic Armor Performance Windows Optic Armor Performance Windows

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the weight savings on the Optic Armor windows?

A: A typical weight savings on modern muscle cars is between 40 - 50 lbs when replacing both front and rear windows. Polycarbonate is 50-75% lighter than glass depending on thickness. Many factory vehicles incorporate 3/16" as a standard glass thickness.

Q: Will I require front window bracing to prevent the window from collapsing at high speed?

A: Optic Armor recommends no thinner than a 3/16" front window on any vehicle and if your vehicle routinely sees MPH of 160 or more bracing is highly recommended.

Q: At what MPH will I need to screw the window to the vehicle to prevent them being pulled off the car at speed?

A: We have tested the Optic Armor drop-ins to 150mph with glue only (remember factory windows are glued in as well) however we do recommend attaching them in specific points at higher speeds.

Q: Can I use windshields wipers on the Optic Armor windows?

A: Due to the inherit nature of the Optic Armor coating, water will bead up and run off the window just like rain-x. Wipers can be used on the Optic Armor window but we recommend making sure there is plenty of water on the window before they are turned on to prevent any gouging that may occur due to any excess dirt or dust that may be present.

Q: Is there any way to incorporate a rear window defogger?

A: Without creating a laminate window, which is considerably more expensive and heavier. Defoggers are not possible at this time. HOWEVER! Due to the inherent nature of OPTIC ARMOR'S water shedding capabilities once the vehicle moves the water will bead off immediately.

Q: What sort of cleaners should I use on the Optic Armor windows?

A: Any standard glass cleaner such as windex will work great with a paper towel.

Q: Can I have regular glass shop install my Optic Armor Drop-in windows?

A: Yes any standard automotive glass shop should be able to install the Optic Armor Drop-in windows with no problem. The Optic Armor drop-ins were designed to be installed exactly like a factory glass window using Optic Armor's recommended adhesive.

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